Better Health Through Consumer Electronics

electrobolg3No matter what your goals are in life, more than likely, one or two of them involve being healthier. If that’s the case, there are countless ways you could go about trying to achieve your ends. There are things like gym memberships and workout equipment and, of course, eating better.

However, there’s also technology. Consumer electronics have come such a long way that you can now rely on them to give you objective and noticeable results where your health is concerned.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced this. More than likely, you at least know someone who has. Fitbit, for example, is an incredibly popular product for this purpose. You just put it on your wrist and this product gives you all kinds of analytics about your day. Best of all, it’s easy to share these results with your friends and family.

In the future, though, we can probably expect even greater strides where tech meets our health. One version of this will be a Fitbit-like product, but for your head. You won’t wear it around all day, but you will be able to sit down at your computer, place it on your head and take a look at your brain functions in real-time.

Another version will be wearable alarm clocks that will slowly wake you when it senses that you’re at the best possible time for doing so. This will mean having an easier time waking up and, thus, a more productive morning. Of course, you’ll be healthier for it too.