Consumer Electronics We’d All Like to See

electrobolg4Look, we should all be extremely grateful for the consumer electronics we’re able to use on a regular basis. Whether it’s our actual PCs or the mobile devices we use that are, more or less, just as good.

Whatever the case, there are some incredible devices out there that we should all consider ourselves very lucky to use.

Still, there’s no point in acting like you haven’t thought about what else is possible. Haven’t you hoped for some kind of device or another that would make your life even easier than it already is?

Many people have. So let’s take a look at a few popular examples.

Google Glass may not have become the smash hit so many thought it would, but it laid the ground work. Expect other manufacturers to introduce some version or another in the near future for functionality that won’t necessitate your hands.

Speaking of which, we already have smart watches, but they could do a lot more. When 3D capabilities become more user-friendly, many theorize that you’ll have a watch that can essentially display your screen inches above your wrist.

One really exciting type of consumer electronic involves transportation. Like Google Glass, Segways left most disappointed. But you may have seen two-wheeled transportation boards that seem to have caught on lately.

Whether that will be the standard that gets built upon further or some other version arrives, getting around without having to walk is definitely going to be big business over the next year or so.