Hiring Tips For Your Small Business

Summary: If you are starting a small business and are looking to expand your team, read below for some important characteristics to look for.

Unlike more established companies, smaller businesses just starting out will face much more uncertainty. Below are some characteristics you should look for when hiring to help your business grow.


If your team is relatively small you may need to look for individuals who are willing to be flexible with the work they do. This may include wearing ‘multiple hats’ and covering a variety of duties to keep the business progressing forward. For example, in a startup environment in its early days, someone who is working on the operations side of the business may need to help post promotional material.

Additionally, since there is much more uncertainty in a fresh business, employees may need to handle problems as they arise and be able to switch back and forth between tasks, depending on what is more urgent. That being said, if someone is being asked to fill multiple roles, be prepared to compensate them accordingly.


Another key characteristic you should look for when hiring for your small business is resourcefulness. Especially in a young company, employees may have to look for creative ways to do more with less. Being efficient and able to get creative with their approach to obstacles are both important.

Positive Attitude

Perhaps the most important characteristic you should look for when looking for more people to join your team and help grow your small business is a positive attitude. You can teach people how to perform different tasks but it is much more difficult to teach someone how to act and behave when things do not go according to plan. Challenges will arise and times will inevitably get tough, especially in a fresh business, which is when a positive, growth mindset will help the team move forward.