4 Trends for PCs in 2016

Article written by Nyc Z

electrobolg2Every year, PCs continue to evolve. When you think about how far we’ve come in just the past five years, it can be difficult to believe just how quickly our PCs have grown in capability.

Fortunately, 2016 will prove to be another great year for PCs. Here are some exciting trends you can look forward to.

First, expect prices to come down on just about every major PC. There won’t be any huge evolutions happening, which means most manufacturers will simply be dropping prices to compete with one another.

Second, expect more wireless functionality. Many of your favorite mobile devices are well on their way to taking a charge without needing to be plugged in, for example. You’ll be able to simply set your device on a charging platform.

This will also begin to happen with syncing. Soon, you’ll be able to transfer music, documents and more to your mobile devices simply by having the latter near your computer.

Third, you’re going to see PC keyboards that are far more ergonomic too. Ergonomics have become huge in 2015 and that’s not going to change this coming year. So along with an ergonomic chair or even a standing desk, you’ll have keyboards that wrap around in such a way that you don’t need to strain your chest and shoulders in order to type.

Fourth, get ready for interactive components, like 3D screens. This won’t necessarily catch fire in 2015, but you’ll definitely see the beginning of this trend, which many will take advantage of.