Why the Average Consumer Should Be Excited About USB-C

Summary: USB-C is becoming increasingly popular. Read below to learn why you should be excited about this new connector.

More and more devices now require USB-C. Read below to learn why this transition will help you out.

Versatile Cables

One of the biggest advantages of USB-C is how versatile the design is. At the moment, USB 2.0 connections can only support up to 2.5W of power, which is sufficient power to charge a smartphone or tablet. USB-C, on the other hand, has the ability to deliver 100W of power, which is more than enough to power up the average laptop. Additionally, USB-C allows connected devices to receive and send power at the same time. What this means is that a person can, for example, charge their laptop and send information to a USB-C-powered external display via a single cable.

Fewer Proprietary Cables

Most older MacBooks need specific MagSafe chargers, some PC laptops require their own specific chargers, some smartphones have micro-USB ports, and iPhones require Lightning cables. Needing to carry many different kinds of cables can be hectic, but what if there was a way to power most of your devices with the same cable?

Apple’s newer MacBooks, most Chromebooks, many new smartphones, and a wide variety of other consumer items now require USB-C cables for charging. This can be tremendously helpful, as people with USB-C devices will not need to carry as many cables when they are traveling, and as more people switch to such devices, they will be more likely to find a cable they could use when visiting someone else. USB-C is only going to gain more popularity.

Can be used with a variety of inputs

Can also be used for charging. Fewer proprietary charging cables (Apple’s MB, Google’s Chromebook, many newer smartphones)

Thin, Flexible Design

With USB-C, the days of struggling to plug your device will be a thing of the past. USB-C comes in a new, oval-shaped design that is reversible. The cables do not need to be plugged in with a certain side facing up, which will lead to less fumbling to get connected. Additionally, the much smaller connector size allows companies to design even thinner products.

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