How to design the perfect business card

Business cards are an easy way to leave a lasting impression during networking. Businessmen have used them since the 1890s, but in the digital age, they are slowly becoming a lost art. Having a good business card displays impeccable professionalism and helps you gain more customers. For this reason, it’s important to choose high-quality designs that present the right image for your brand or company.

First, there are a few technical design principles all cards should follow to be effective. The most obvious principle is to be judicious with your use of text and information. Be sure to leave adequate amounts of space between your lines of text. Choose only the most important bits of information to avoid a crowded, messy design that is difficult to read. Also, you should make sure there is a 5 mm distance between your copy and the trim edge of the card. This extra room is known as “bleed” and is necessary to avoid obvious misalignments when the cards are cut since printers are not always 100% accurate.

Second, you’ll need to find creative ways to make your card stand out and convey the essence of your brand. From choosing the right font and colors to changing the shape or material used for your cards, you’ll have to decide how to separate your cards from the average business card on the street. Add eye-catching art to your card’s surface or make it function as more than just a business card. For example, some people have embedded plant seeds in their business cards as a creative way to keep their brand in people’s minds. Many people instantly forget about the business cards in their pocket or wallet, so find a way to make your cards remarkable in your audience’s minds.

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